FitChef Smart Cooker

Arıkuşu Home Appliances is trying to catch a significant market from the smart kitchen equipments market with its flagship project FitChef. Carvist is the sole IoT technology partner for FitChef. 

You can control your FitChef Cooker in many ways: with your Alexa digital assistant, from the 7 inch touchscreen on the device or with the mobile apps that we developed. Just select one of the many recipes on the FitChef cloud databases and relax. The touchscreen assists you with the whole process of cooking preparation. The unit has weight sensors which helps with measuring the ingredients. The rest is just monitoring the cook-time.

In the coming future FitChef  and Carvist will be focusing on harvesting user data and create learning algorithms in order to further improve the cooking experience.

FitChef also aims to form partnerships with retailers and integrate its services to their online grocery and delivery information. 
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